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The figures below illustrate both the field of winds as divergence in the upper levels of the atmosphere (7 days). In these you can see, such as the anticyclone or high Bolivian is concentrated in the hills of the Mato Grosso Brazilian, suction warm moist air.

The pictures below show the movement of the wind field and divergence of these for 90 days, this can be seen the anticyclone in full Bolivian amazon, accompanied by removal of warm moist air toward the upper levels of the atmosphere.

The figures below show the field of the winds in the lower levels of the atmosphere. While the winds observed in the continent southamerican, proceed from of the basin African Sahel toward the basin Amazon of Brazil. The anomalies observed in these levels, show a jet stream of north-south direction, what makes these masses of cold air incoming towards the Rio de la Plata basin and part of the Bolivian high plateau origin rainfall.

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